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Megan L. Anderson | Freelance Writer & Editor

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Your project is too important to entrust to just anyone.  Meet the person behind the print.

Welcome! It’s nice to meet you.

My name is Megan L. Anderson, and I work as a freelance writer and editor turning clients’ ideas into effective content. Whether it’s an academic essay, book manuscript, or business communication, helping you find just the right words to convey your message is what my job is all about.
In addition to providing proofreading and copy editing services, I also write for a variety of publications. You may have seen my bylines in international periodicals like The UPPER ROOM or Quaker Life Magazine, but you can peruse more samples here .
Most of my work centers on matters of Christian spirituality. The Old Testament's difficult and bizarre glory fascinates me, so writing materials that help people make sense of it in a way relevant to modern life is a passion of mine. If I’m not editing a client’s manuscript, then I’m probably busy developing bible study curriculum for teens and adults like Major Prophets: Courageous Ambassadors for God (Barclay Press, 2015).
Another special interest is businesses and organizations  improving the intellectual, social, and physical quality of life in their communities. Putting my skills as a writer and editor to use on brochures, newsletters, blogs, website copy, advertising and fundraising campaigns, etc. for those accomplishing good in the world is always a pleasure.
Hmmm. What else? I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English – Creative Writing from Indiana University. If there’s a zip line or something high to climb in the vicinity, I’ll be on it. I was a caregiver to some of northcentral Indiana’s most loveable senior citizens. Thrifting and deep discount shopping is my favorite sport.  For more professional info, you can take a look at my resumé .
But enough about me! Tell me about you. What are you working on? Drop a line and let’s talk about how I can take your project from great to fantastic.
Samaritan Caregivers
indiana university
"Being a lengthy and rambling writer myself, Megan has been a resource for me on several [academic projects] . . . Not only was she able to direct my thinking on a straight path, but she was able to tell me what she thought of a paper with an honest and constructive demeanor. In no way would she leave me hanging dry, unable to edit one of my papers."  - Renae Scheckelhoff (Indiana University Graduate) 
"Megan has provided much-needed professional assistance for our small non-profit.  With only two full-time staff members, there never seemed to be enough time to post anything to Facebook, update our website or interview people for our newsletter articles.  Thanks to Megan, we have heartwarming stories for our newsletter, in addition to frequent postings on Facebook about relevant educational topics and our fund raising activities.  She has also created a following for on us Twitter!  We couldn't do it without you, Megan!" - Jamey Henderson (Executive Director of Samaritan Caregivers, a United Way agency)
"Megan Anderson is very eloquent with her words, speaks the truth, and writes from the heart.  She has a real talent for editing writing to make it more meaningful, descriptive, and to the point."  - Jessica L.uce (Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)